Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun Play Houses

Well we have had a long break with the summer holidays but we’re back now and by the looks of the weather much of the fun will have to be inside the house. Did you ever have a playhouse when you were a child? I can remember building a small tree house with my Dad when I was younger; my brother and I had hours of fun playing snakes and ladders and other games up in that tree.
Getting your child’s imagination going is great for teaching them to keep themselves entertained but with all this wet weather what good is a tree house? Well, how about a castle? First thing you need to do is get yourself off down the local supermarket and get some cardboard boxes and some strong parcel tape and a good pair of scissors. Now cut the boxes into sections and tape them together, you now need to draw out your castle shapes. All you need are three sections; a front and two sides. O the front you want to include your towers, you could even have an opening drawbridge if you are really handy.
You can make your castle as big or as small as you like, make sure you get your child involved with cutting out the shapes and taping it all up, you could even paint it all when you’re finished building it.
Now your child has somewhere fun to play and let their imagination run riot. For those of you who don’t have the time to build your own castle or are looking for other ideas for having fun with the kids check out this link to our play houses.

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