Friday, April 24, 2009

Ride on Toys

Ride on toys are great for toddlers and small children up to the age of around 7 years old, the benefit of these wooden ride on toys is that they help develop the skills needed for balance and coordination. When you child becomes confident to ride for example a 2 wheeler bicycle then you would have helped the child’s skills develop by starting off early with the wooden ride on toys.
The earlier you try to develop these fundamental skills of balance and coordination the better, as many of the youngsters today are not getting the benefit due to the huge increase of video games and television. A child should be able to develop their skills naturally through play and ride on toys help with this development.
Ride On Toys Simplicity
Primary colours are perfect, as we all know primary colours stimulate young children, so when choosing the right ride on toys you may want to consider colours and material. Wooden Ride On Toys are simple and traditional and will live up to taking rough treatment when your toddler is growing up.
There are many styles of Ride On Toys to choose from, firstly the classic pedal car, it suits ages from 3 upwards, its ideal for those kids who love to drive. It’s made from strong steel and very tough, and the look is great.
Next up would be the Classic Red Racer, again it’s made of very strong durable steel and very easy to handle, your kids would love this one it also has rubber tyres, easy on the floor, suitable for ages between 1-3
The Giraffe Ride-on shape sorter, ages 18 months up, it’s made of wood and has 4 slots for different shapes to go in, this toy holds lots of interest for toddlers with its strong primary colours it also acts a table when the blocks can be used to make buildings.
Kiddimoto Scrambler, this toy is suitable for ages 3 upwards, now this is quite a clever toy as it’s a bike with no pedals, not only does it help teach a child how to develop balance but children won’t scrape their feet when they ride it, and once the child gets the hang of it, they can go straight onto a 2 wheeler bike without the need for stabilisers
Another is the Kiddimoto Superbike its practically the same as above just looks different.
The Shape Sorter Zebra is another one like the Giraffe Shape sorter but it’s got black and white stripes of course
Transporter Trike, this is suitable for ages 1 upwards, now this is a good looking sturdy trike, ideal for toddlers up to pedal age, its brightly coloured and made of wood.
Wheelybug Ladybug, this Ride On Toy is suitable for ages 2 upwards, this multi award winning wheely bug as great for boys and girls, they move in every direction and can be great fun as its quite unique and will surely help develop spatial awareness and gross motor skills enhancement.
Other additions are the Wheelybug Bee, Wheelybug Cow and the Wheelybug Mouse.
If you are interseted in any of these products follow the link here Ride on Toys

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  1. I have only recently discovered these wheely bug ride on toys and I am definitely going to buy a couple for my little boys this Christmas as I think they will love them.