Friday, April 24, 2009

Early Learning and Baby Development

What can be more important than the early learning and development of our children? Children quickly develop a keen interest in the things around them using all of their five senses to work out how things smell, taste, look like, feel and sound. This gives parents the opportunity to let their children use toys that particularly stimulate and develop these senses, giving their child an understanding of the different smells, tastes, colours, textures and sounds there are to experience.
Babies are naturally drawn to bright colours, reaching out to touch and to feel objects that offered to them usually resulting in them tasting the object too. This is an important aspect of the child’s development and one which can be capitalised on with the right choice in stimuli. Children’s toys can be great stimuli for your child and help to structure their development particularly their fine motor skills and visual senses. Toys that get young children to use their ears, eyes, fingers and hands will aid early development and improve both their fine motor skills and visual senses. If your child is actively engaged in experimenting with all their senses they will quickly learn what sounds, colours and textures they like or dislike.
Young children require 24/7 care and this can be hard work, giving children educational toys can keep your children entertained for hours and all the time you know they are developing necessary skills. Here at Smart Start Toys we offer a range of different educational toys to stimulate your child’s senses and improve their early development in particular we offer Curly the Cobra. A multi sensory fully entertaining toy for children still in cots and play pens......pull his tongue and watch curly shake; squeak the ladybird; squeeze the tactile butterfly; peek-a-boo fun in the flower mirror. It is bright and extremely colourful for visual stimulation and it attaches to cribs, playpens and strollers. We also have Daisy the Activity Turtle a gorgeous gardening turtle character full of tactile, sensory fun with a rattling watering can; vibrating gnome; squeaking snail friend; crinkly butterfly; realistic feel seed packet; crinkly jingling hat; this fun colourful baby toy provides plenty of activities to keep any child intrigued for hours.
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