Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Natural Toys

Nowadays with all the concern about the environment it is worth taking time to consider what materials toys are made from and what impact these will have for our children and grand children’s future. The term carbon footprint is used to describe the resources we use and also the environmental changes we cause personally due to the products we use and buy on a daily basis. When looking at the toys we buy for our children maybe we should consider what is the future for all those plastic toys we buy? Well if that plastic is not recycled and used for something else it will stay in our environment for ever where as wood can take as little as 1 week to leave the environment and will enrich the environment too.
Natural products and natural toys are a sure way to reduce our carbon footprint and make the future brighter for our children and grand children. Toys made from natural products can still be fun and cheap for children to play with. Let your children develop their fine motor skills and mathematical skills by using wooden toys like this Balloons and Rings a sure way for kids to learn and enjoy themselves whilst keeping green too.
Games like shut the box helps again with problem solving and memory skills, also great for building confidence in younger and older children. Children, as we all know, can have hours of fun just playing with a pencil and paper and you can’t get more natural than these.

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