Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pocket Money

In today’s current financial climate it is wise to be prudent with your cash the same is true for our kids. It seems today that most of the toys you buy for under £5 are likely to break within five minutes of them arriving in those inquisitive hands. There are however some really good toys on the market which are not expensive and still give hours of pleasure without breaking. Plastic toys are a big ‘no no’ if you’re looking for something that will last the test of time wooden toys are far less likely to break and yet many can be found for under a fiver.
A good way to educate your child early in the discipline of finance is to give them pocket money. Children by nature will continue to ask for anything and everything without consideration for cost or time. A good way to combat this obsession in your child is to give them a certain amount of money each week that is theirs to spend on some sweets and a small toy. This way your child will begin to learn the value of money and also how long their money has to last them and should stop the endless inquiries as to whether they can have this or that. By teaching your child the value of money you give them a gift that will last them a lifetime.
Fun, colourful and educational toys can be found from as little as £1.50 wooden castanets are colourfully decorated in various animal designs making them a perfect addition to young children's musical collection. Percussion and rhythm are the foundations of musical appreciation and castanets, which are very easy to play, are perfect for children to learn about and enjoy rhythm. Smart Start Toys carry a range of toys all from under £5 which will last your child many years of fun just follow the link pocket money.

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